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Self Assessment

Self-Assessment and filing dates

We can prepare and file your tax return on time and avoid penalties. 

require all paper returns be submitted by the 31st October  2015 and online submissions by 31st January 2016

If you haven't yet considered submitting a return we can calculate your tax liability and file online on your behalf.
If you are self-employed and/or have other income/gains (such as rental income or sale of a property that is not your principal private residence etc.) you are responsible for declaring this to HMRC.
Ignorance is no plea and, with the potential costs of an investigation, it's best to organise your tax affairs and file correctly.
It's also important to know the allowances you may be entitled to but have never claimed.
If your circumstances/affairs may require declaration call us on 07815 323893 or complete our  enquiry form below. All submissions are strictly private and confidential and will not be released to any third party whatsoever.
We may be able to help you to fulfil your legal obligations and minimise your tax liability.

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